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The Tappan Zee Bridge is a metaphor for New York’s present and future. It’s a shame politicians do a better job of spending than building.

$5 billion of construction would have cost far less twenty years ago and it will cost far more if Albany’s rocket scientists keep delaying the inevitable.

The Journal News in Westchester reported that a key environmental impact report will be released on Thursday.

“The governor’s office has promised a dialogue, so this can’t be the end of the story, this has to be the beginning of the story,” said Paul Gallay, president of Riverkeeper, an environmental advocacy group and strong opponent of the state’s current bridge plan.

The issues that still need to be discussed in the $5 billion project’s Final Environmental Impact Statement are mass transit; bridge alternatives, such as a tunnel or refurbishing the existing bridge; and minimizing the impacts on the Hudson River, Gallay told The Journal News on Monday.

But just the plan took a decade?

What are they waiting for, the bridge to fall in the river?


This is how I feel about New York politics at the moment.

Yes … New York State Andrew Cuomo is effecting some change for the better. I’m just not sure how real the change is … or how serious the politicians in Albany really are about cleaning up their acts.

Time will tell.


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